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About us

Sumira Media Network Private Limited is a vibrant, innovative and young media company based in Bihar— with a team including former senior journalists from print & broadcasting organizations such as the BBC, Dainik Bhaskar, Prabhat Khabar, Dainik Jagran and Network 18.

We understand more than anyone, how the larger segment of society is ignored in media. Deprived children and meager class are kept aside because they are incapable to go in advertisement segment.

Today the big brands' consumers get more exposure in media. Politics has always been the favourite subject for them. 

The content for the most important age group of 0-18 years is nowhere in media. In Bihar, 48 percent of the total population falls in this age group.

We are paying more attention especially to this age group as they are the future builders of our nation.

About our Founder CEO

Abhimanyu Kumar
Sumira Media Network Pvt. Ltd.

Abhimanyu Kumar

A journalist by qualification, a journalist by profession and now, a media businessman by passion.

Mr. Abhimanyu Kumar has never had any confusion in his life. He has been very clear about his goal since childhood. He has decided to become journalist when he was studying in class 8th. 

After 12th grade, he set out to fulfill his dream. He took admission in Mass Communication in Graduation. During the period he learnt basics and advance of the media.

Abhimanyu belongs to a business class family. When he was in third year of Graduation, he started his own magazine called GENX. This magazine was dedicated to youngsters of his native district Nalanda. The magazine became quite popular and Abhimanyu decided to expand its area of circulation to the adjacent districts.

After completing his Graduation he moved to India’s premier mass communication school Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi.

After completing his studies, he served in many renowned media companies of the country and the world such as BBC News, Dainik Bhaskar, News 18 India and Prabhat Khabar.

Abhimanyu has a reputation and his own identity in the world of journalism. His media work is widely appreciated by all. He has received many prestigious awards like IIMCAA Award.

Now, he is all set to establish new dimensions in journalism from The Land of Knowledge, Bihar.

our products


The Newsbeat

Digital Media Channels

Digital Media Channels

The Newsbeat is a newspaper, specially designed for school going children. It will caters the academic needs of students from class 6th– 12th. It is completely dedicated to the development of children. Our mission is to develop a critical outlook in the students. Initially this is our prime product.


Digital Media Channels

Digital Media Channels

Digital Media Channels

This is the internet era and hence Digital Media has much importance in everyone’s life. Through different social media platforms we cater digital contents, which promote local and regional talents. We tell the success stories of children and teachers to the world so that others can also be encouraged.

A FEW WORDS FROM OUR FOUNDER about the newsbeat

Abhimanyu Kumar
Sumira Media Network Pvt. Ltd.

Mission & Vision

Before I talk about our mission & vision, let me discuss some facts and ask you some questions.

Do you know what is the population of Bihar? And which age group has the highest percentage?

According to the 2011 Census report, Bihar had a population of around (delete space) 10 crore 9 years back, which was about 8.6 percent of country's total population- of 121 crore. In 2018 the population of Bihar was estimated to be around 12 crore.

The child population of the country covers the age group of 0-18 years and is a vulnerable segment of the population.

As per the Census of India 2011, almost 39 percent of India's population lies in the age bracket of 0-18 years, whereas, in Bihar, 48 percent of the total population falls in this age group.

The state is home for more than 4.98 crore children, accounting for 11 percent of India's total child population.

And question now…

Now the question arises that whether the existing newspapers are useful for about half of the population of the state? 

Do these newspapers interact with 0-18 age group prominently? Do these newspapers significantly talk about the problems of the children?

Have these newspapers ever tried to develop a critical outlook in them? Do they help them in making the responsible citizens who are able to raise question on the system?

Are these newspapers developing the social, political and scientific outlook of this age group?

The answer is... No!

Looking for the answers to these questions, the idea of The Newsbeat came.

Our aim is not to prove any newspapers down, but to search the problem area and find a solution.

It is said that children are the future of the country. Whatever a person learns during his/her 0-18 years of age, he/she behaves in the same way throughout the lifetime.

The Newsbeat is completely dedicated to the growth and progress of the children. Our mission is to broaden their viewpoint. We want to make them aware of the world outside of the books and their school.

Our goal is to enable every child to be intellectually active, so that he or she can walk on the right path to achieve the goal that he or she dreams of, along with the ability to make decisions in career selection.

Abhimanyu Kumar

Editor, The Newsbeat

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We create, publish, edit and host engaging contents, which are delivered directly into classrooms and homes across Bihar— useful for students, teachers and parents.

And the best bit? Children love them. It provides an accessible way for young people to browse career choices and start having conversations with parents and teachers. They feel inspired about their future careers and the opportunities they have.

If you like to hit your target audience accurately, we can be your right choice. Don't waste your time and money on experiments. Just be with us.

If you like to join hands and help raise the career aspirations of youth in Bihar, write to us today.

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